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The Specific Error Code Was 0xc00402c7 The specific error code was 0xC00402C7. The message sender was _ _. The message was intended for the following recipients. NET log, your server is successfully sending the email ( which you probably figured out by now). So, there isn' t anything wrong with your code. Need some help here, for some reason my IIS setup sends all emails from my php scripts to the Badmail folder, i' ve had it setup before and working, I followed the same procedure as I had done before but no joy at all, if anyone can help me here that would be great. Smtp Relay The Specific Error Code Was. Smtp Relay The Specific Error Code Was 0xc00402c7. server for sending mail to the Office 365 mail The specific error code. Home > specific error > specific error code was 0xc00402c7 Specific Error Code Was 0xc00402c7. SQL Server Express resources Windows Server resources. Office Home & Business – For families and small businesses who want classic Office apps and email installed on one PC or Mac for use at home or work. Includes classic versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook installed on one PC or Mac.

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    Code email error

    Hi I am trying to send a simple email through the following code: protected void email_ Click( object sender, EventArgs e) { / / Utility. sendEmail( host, - 1, hostemail. I already checked this things and they are correct. ( I also viewed at aspfaq. com) At first not one mail was in the badmail directory ( even not, if sent a mail at an adress, which doesn' t exist. It means that your original message generated some kind of message status message ( e. delivery delayed, message can not be delivered ( NDR). I am looking to set up a SMTP relay server ( ) without TLS. With this I have an application on a server which needs to email an ( office 365) email address. I have set the relay server as the following. We had problems for the longest time, and simply made the changes so that reverse DNS worked on the domain. more and more mail servers are performing reverse DNS to make sure that the mail server sending the mail is a real mail server.

    its probably the sending name ( From name in email) that it is performing a reverse DNS on. Hi, You should change your relay settings - you are currently allowing all machines to relay. Instead only authorised machines should be allowed to. I am trying to send a simple email through the following code: protected void email_ Click( object sender, EventArgs e) { System. MailMessage msgMail = new System. Hi Everyone, I' m trying to reconfigure Orion for sending email since we' ve migrated to Office 365. I am using settings as below and I have verified that the credentials are correct through an SMTP telnet session and through configuration of other apps that require SMTP relay. SMTP error goes directly to Badmail directory after Queue. The specific error code was 0xC00402C7. I´ m getting this error from every mail I try to deliver. This week I was doing configuration work on a client' s new SharePoint Server farm to get inbound & outbound mail set- up. This project had a slightly " one- off" requirement in that their business uses Microsoft Office365 for their employees' email and Office suite. I checked if SMTP was setup correctly by creating a test email in word pad and placing it in the pickup folder to an outside email address and it worked fine, but when I use an internal email address it fails to get delivered.

    From my basic understanding, is that the destination servers rejected your emails for those address' s. So it went to the bad folder. The destination server can have many reasons for rejecting your email, most of them are related to fighting spam mail. sendEmail( host, - 1. Sending Email with Net. Mail ( No Email, no error) hi, i' m using the system. Mail namespace to send an email from my application. when i send, the application does not fire any exception, neither does it send the email to my account. below is the code i' m using Dim mmailMessage As New Net. MailMessage Dim mFrom As New Net. MailAddress( mailFrom) mmailMessage. From = mFrom Dim ll As String. I' ve installed it through Server Manager/ Add Roles and made some configurations like authentication of the sender email, domain and port, and I also configured the Windows Firewall and the network firewall.

    The secret to SMTP is to check the logs. If this is the only situation of your mails failing, then you' ll have to look to see if the mails are formatted correctly and if they' re failing enmasse or just a portion. Public user can send an email without issue and it comes from the configured “ Admin” email. However login to the MFP with an AD user and try to send any email and it is rejected with “ login error”. The current article is dedicated the subject on – troubleshooting possible problems when using an SMTP mail relay server for sending mail to the Office 365 mail infrastructure. Review settings for any antivirus or network protection applications running on your SolarWinds server. Disable any setting that automatically blocks SMTP traffic from your SolarWinds server on port 25. IIS SMTP sudenly having problems, " The specific error code was. Do not work and go to bad mail with the error messages. I' ve been searching the net for days trying to find a solution to this one. I' ve got IIS6 SMTP server running on Server machine. It' s working well. · Error code 0x8000000b when. Try re- registering Mail app. Also our error is not in the list of error of the post.

    And a few days Mail was. We are delighted to announce that Office ( for both Windows and Mac) is now available for consumer audiences. O ffice is a one- time purchase that includes a meaningful subset of features found in Office 365, but is not part of Office 365. · Using Server & IIS6. My company uses an internal SMTP server to for a couple of small apps & devices. Our real mail server is supplied off- site by. Web Config is correct. Just a quick reminder, the “ secure communication More and more mail servers are performing reverse DNS to make sure How To Solve Server. I' m trying to setup the outgoing email settings on my sharepoint Server. I have installed an exchange server out of the box but when I type in the FQDN address to the exchange server in the outgoing settings on the SharePoint page I' m not getting any emails from the sharepoint server. sendEmail( host, - 1, hostemail, com. Hope someone can help. I want to send email from my Azure account. My domain name is configured to work with Azure.

    I could not find easily on the web how to send an email from an Azure account. here is sender email but i want there wasn' t any email address. I mean i want when users click on button and send me an email there wasn' t any email address in sender details. View 1 Replies Home. MailMessage msgMail. Yep, definitely Server, and a clean install ( no upgrades or anything). I simply added the SMTP feature, and a slew of other things appeared as requirements, including some IIS 6 stuff. Hi guys, I just setup the Orion NPM, everything cool but when I try to setup the email alert with my gmail domain account it doesn' t work, I used a test and it always failed. an external email account, rather than using it to directly send out email. straight to the badmail folder. MAIL, -, FROM: > SIZE= 4164, -, -, working fine.