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This code may be seen with other EVAP system codes What the P0449 code means The P0449 DTC means that. I have a Pontiac Grand Prix. On Saturday, as I was driving, the car suddenly died, and the DIC displayed " starting disabled due to electronic throttle control". After a few minutes, I was able to start the car, but the check engine light was on, and the DIC displayed " reduced engine power". 2 Chevy 2500HD " Reduced Engine Power" Warning & Fault Code P1516 Repair @ D- Ray' s Shop - Duration: 5: 58. D- Ray Smith 290, 332 views. The list of automotive Makes at the right edge of the screen. The currently selected ODB- ii codes is for the Buick makes. Look up the other OBD II Trouble Codes, please use the search box. reduce engine power - While I was driving my car and pressing the gas pedal it would not rev up or make car go but it never stalled. I would coast to a. The currently selected ODB- ii codes is for the Pontiac makes. The codes P0601 and P0606 PCM codes are usually a straight forward diagnosis- the computer is bad.

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    Pontiac code error

    The U0107 Loss Communication with Throttle Actuator can be caused by a PCM problem or the throttle body- this code will cause the reduced engine power message and no response from the gas pedal. U0107 Buick Description The Throttle Actuator Control ( TAC) module and the Powertrain Control Module communicate via a dedicated serial data circuit. This serial data circuit is separated from other serial data circuits on the vehicle. Code U0107 tac module no communication. ENGINE WILL NOT REV UP PAST RPM? EASY FIX ON HONDA AND ACURA VEHICLES. My mom' s car throws this code. She has a Grand Prix SE. All the reading points to a bad sensor and the way my mom describes is that the car dies ( no power), still runs, and the DIC says something to the effect of reduced engine power. P0134 code definition The P0134 diagnostic trouble code is an indication that there is a problem with the oxygen sensor that is positioned before the catalytic converter and on the engine bank that houses cylinder # 1. Tech notes There is a factory service bulletin for the U0107 code on following Cadillac vehicles: Chevrolet AvalancheChevrolet Express 1500/ 2500/ 3500. I need to replace the rear passenger power lock actuator. I have taken the door trim off and have removed the outside handle rod from the lock clip and am trying to figure out how to remove the inside door handle so I can release the rod and take out the lock ( I' ve removed the 3 screws that secure the lock to the door). 5 code u0107 and reduced engine power on read out pannel, when you push gas pedal it does nothing.

    replaced throttle position sensor, no change, orignaly had code p0107 map sensor, tried new one. DTC U0107 sets if the battery voltage is low. If the customer' s concern is slow cranking or no crank because battery voltage is low, ignore DTC U0107. Clear any DTCs from memory that may have set from the low battery voltage condition. DTC U0107 sets when there is a short to B+ on the TAC module. Came in with code p0304, clear code and goes to p0300. Computer scan data shows hard misfire cylinder # 4. Vehicle exhibits no symptoms and is hitting on all cylinders. DTC U0107 sets if the battery voltage is low or the PCM is replaced or reflashed. If the customer' s concern is slow cranking, or if the engine is not cranking because the battery voltage is low, ignore DTC U0107.

    OBDII U Code Definitions. Be sure to double check the codes. Codes from U0000 to U1000 and U3000 to U4000 are Generic, defined by ISO/ SAE. OBDII/ EOBD diagnostic code definition. More than 18000 codes for all autos. Trouble codes description for GM. U0107, code for this is Throttle actuator control ( TAC) module serial data circuit, when you get this code the first action is measure battery voltage, if its low it comes on, Did you replace the PCM or did a reflash, these action will cause this code. To find and fix this you will need to measure app1 and app2, you basically looking for a open or short in the serial data circuit. Code P0601 means that the PCM' s Memory check sum test is failing. This is a routine self test that is performed periodically through out the day. This is critical because the PCM' s Memory Modules store all of the PCM' s operating system software as well as its short term operational calculations. U0100 Description Modules connected to the high- speed Local Area Network ( LAN) serial data circuits monitor for serial data communications during normal vehicle operation. P0606 PCM / ECM Processor Fault OBD- II DTC Technical Description. PCM / ECM Processor Fault.

    What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD- II equipped vehicles. pontiac grand prix, 3800 series III L- 26 engine the car will be running like a top and then just randomly shut off like i turned the kea, plug the scan. U0107 Diagnostic Trouble Code Discussion for October TAC Module Serial Data Circuit Malfunction * Note: This is a professional automotive technician' s resource. A P0134 trouble code is defined as Oxygen Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected ( Bank 1 Sensor 1). This oxygen sensor is located on the engine bank t. Trouble code definition for code U0107. To find and fix this you will need to measure app1 and app2, you basically looking for a open or. U0107 HONDA - Lost Communication With Throttle Actuator Control Module is the common definition for the U0107 HONDA OBDII Code. But your cars' s manufacturer may have a other specification for the U0107 HONDA code. U0107 BUICK - Lost Communication With Throttle Actuator Control Module is the common definition for the U0107 BUICK OBDII Code. But your cars' s manufacturer may have a other specification for the U0107 BUICK code. Pontiac Grand Prix - Reduced engine power was created by Teflon I did a search but couldn' t find the answer to my question on this. Pontiac Grand Prix, base, 3.

    8 l 356, 000 kms that' s 221, 000 miles for you crazy Trumpidites down south! Lost Communication with Throttle Actuator Control ( TAC) Module. This is a generic communication system diagnostic trouble code that applies to most vehicle makes and models, including but not limited to Dodge, Ram, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, and VW. pontiac grand prix in reduce power engine mode 1 Answer. I have a pontiac grand prix that went into reduce power mode with engine. Mechanic said that computer scan found an issue with the throttle body but they physically can' t reproduce it. U0107 GMC Comments Help us improve AutoCodes. Leave a comment below or tell us if the information above help you fix the code. What are the symptoms on your vehicle for the U0107 Gmc code? I cleared the code several times but every time you try to accelerate kinda hard it does the same thing throws code U0107 and goes into limp mode.